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We have used stock of both ATV and UTV often available please ring for details.
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We have used stock of both ATV and UTV often available please ring for details.
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Finance Available

We have negotiated great finance deals.  A brand new Quad Bike could be yours from £96 a month

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Why Choose...

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It may be that you are not familiar with the TGB brand.

TGB Ltd was established in 1978 and manufactures its quad bikes at its headquarters in Taiwan.

Taiwan manufacture should not be confused with some of the cheap Chinese imports which seek to imitate the quality.

For the last 30 years or so TBB have manufactured transmission and other major components for Suzuki, Canam and Yamaha many parts are therefore interchangeable.

As a major manufacturer their quad bikes are available in the UK, United States, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Japan and Malaysia, in fact in over 50 countries. In France TGB’s ATV products are the best seller.

The agricultural Blade range for which Godstone ATV are main dealers, comprises several basic models ranging from a true farmers bike the 425SL right up to the V twin 1000cc monster machine. Favoured by those who need both performance and massive off road capability.

Every TGB machine comes with a fully inclusive parts and labour warranty. Due to the superb build quality of these machines however, Godstone ATV can record of the many machines it has now supplied in the South East of the country and the numerous other ones further afield, there have been remarkably few warranty claims…..and those that have been made have been dealt with swiftly and to customer’s entire satisfaction.

Quite naturally price is very important to the majority of customers. Just a small amount of research will indicate that the entire range usually has a base price around 20% cheaper than the big name equivalents.

However it is particularly important to note that all TGB quads come with a full set of racks, full tow kit and fully road legal. Adding just these three items to other manufacturer’s base models could easily add another £1,500.00 or more.

At Godstone ATV, we offer full on and off road test facilities and usually have the whole range in stock for customer’s inspection.

We also have excellent ties with a specialist finance broker which can facilitate a purchase, subject to status, from just £160.00 per month plus a 3 month deposit. Terms and conditions apply and vary so please apply for an individual quote.

If you have any queries about TGB products please do not hesitate to contact Graham Page, Managing director of Godstone ATV on 01342 892216 during normal office hours, who will be happy to help.

Suzuki has spent over 30 years building ATVs that are technologically innovative and designed with our customers in mind. We know that you need an ATV that works as hard as you do, day in and day out. And our versatile traction, simple controls and reliable manoeuvring are designed to take the hard out of a hard day’s work.

All Suzuki ATVs are taken through a thorough testing process, including final visual inspection of the engine and chassis, and full test rides, which include the use of all gears, speedometer and lights, as well as rider tests of the suspension and steering. Once Suzuki ATVs leave the factory, they are also fully PDI checked and track tested by authorised Suzuki dealers across the UK.

We first introduced fully independent suspension on ATVs way back in 1991. Since then, we’ve applied the technology on a number of our models, allowing you to go where you want with the greatest comfort.

We design our ATVs to be easy to use - and it doesn’t get much simpler than this. When things get tough, just press the big red button on the handlebar to engage 4-wheel drive, and flick the button to lock the rear diff.

QUADZILLA® is the UK’s largest importer of road legal and off road Quadricycles, ATVs and Buggies.

Quadzilla was born out of a passion for racing over 25 years ago. From small beginnings with just the R100 kid’s quad, we now offer a range of over 20 sports quad bikes, 4x4 ATVs and UTVs. Quadzilla have grown organically with a strong network of dealers UK wide. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service for not just our consumers but for our dealers too; providing a full back up on all Quadzilla products.

The Quadzilla Terrain range offer the agricultural market competitively priced workhorse farm ATVs, with a 2 year parts and labour warranty for added peace of mind. The Terrain 500 and 600 quads come with a tow hitch and winch as standard to assist with the day-to-day tasks on the farm and they are fully road legal as standard.

Quadzilla’s passion is still at the heart of the company. The team behind Quadzilla test quads both on and off road before deciding to import them, keeping user safety in mind as well as fun and enjoyment. The Quadzilla passion and experience together with an unparalleled spares back up means that you can purchase a Quadzilla quad bike, buggy or UTV with total confidence.

CFMOTO is the manufacturer of our road legal utility, agricultural and terrain range of ATVs and Side by Side machines, including from our CFORCE 450 to the X8 facelift. It is a world-class quality ATV manufacturer with over 25 years’ experience plus an annual production capacity of over 800,000 engines and over 600,000 vehicles sold to over 72 countries worldwide. Technology and quality are the heart and soul of their business and their range complements our mission of providing high quality, high performance quads, ATVs and SbS at an affordable price.

Our quads don’t have a list of great features just to make you pay extra for them; all of our premium features come as standard. For example our 4x4 quad range from the CFORCE 450 to the X8, all have independent A-arm suspension, high performance shocks, selectable 2/4WD, CVT automatic transmission plus high, low and reverse gears. Quadzilla and CFMOTO offers you the total package without the inflated price tag.

We always had a passion for the products, having grown with them. The directors even raced our very own children’s quad bikes starting with the original kid’s quad, the Quadzilla R100 to our Quadzilla Proshark. Our home-grown racing talent won the junior championship when he was just 12 years old; the Quadzilla team have a great love for all machines with an engine.

Our core values are still key to the business which is about engineering excellence, value and quality products.

Quadzilla, engineered to exhilarate.


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